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First, a brief history of the TechGuys by James Buck (founder):

In the spring of 2000, one year after the purchase of my first car - a 1995 Mazda MX-3 Precidia, I was lured into the field of automotive audio + electronics.  Being new to the automotive electrical and mechanical circuit, I spent many hours pouring over various reference books such as:  Haynes manuals + "techbooks", 1997 Mazda MX-3 factory manual, et cetera.

After many hours of reading and research, I decided that I was now able to tackle most jobs that I was interested in:  namely subwoofer box creation, fiberglass prototyping, and mechanical maintenance.  After a few projects, I began documenting the various tasks and tips I would pick up along the way.  Not long into the natural progression into more difficult procedures, my friend Shaun Cooper joined the effort to produce a show-car.

After many hours of trial and error in application of what I had read, I reasoned that I should publish my projects for the general enthusiast to benefit from.  I decided that the books I had read were far too "tech-speak" for the average person who might only be interested in a "step-by-step" tutorial on performing an oil change - and that I would attempt to provide my own publication for the "average Joe".  Although the how-to articles are "dumbed down", careful attention to details such as critical procedures, safety precautions, and factory specs. is always observed.

.... more soon!


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